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chris leamy

Chris Leamy is a rare breed of artist. He has found success over the years writing for artists like Shaggy and signing a distribution agreement with Sony RED through which he released his inspiring American Man EP. “You can tell he’s a great songwriter and he understands music,” said the high-praising Sony RED rep, Tyler Blatchley.

But personal success is a secondary focus for Leamy. The artist has used his music as a way to give back to the community by playing guitar for homeless people of New York to help them raise money. Inspired by a panhandler who commented about the disparity of money made between those who played an instrument and those who didn’t, Leamy quickly realized how big of a difference his music could make.

Leamy started a campaign called #HePlaysForMe, where he plays guitar on behalf of homeless people once a week. He has already raised thousands of dollars with much of it going to the Bowery Mission charity, and the rest going to individuals.


Leamy has been featured on Huffington Post,, Now This News, Inside Edition, The New York Post, The New York Daily News,, The Chicago Sun Times, and a variety of other broadcast, print, online and social media outlets for both his musical success and the impact he has made with his charity project.

“Whether it’s on stage in NYC or the early morning hours of an after-party, Chris brings the energy you’d expect from someone trying to make it in the Big Apple with his first EP, “The Start.” – Maxim

“Helping those in need is definitely this musician’s forte.” – Huffington Post

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