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pacifica asap matrix

Accelerated Search APacifica – with Pacifica Source Audio

ASAP MATRIX dramatically speeds up your music search by clicking on the pictured categories- you’ll quickly discover playlists of genres that we’ve found are the most requested for Advertising, TV, Corporate, Sports, and Holidays.

  • Once you make a “category” selection, you’ll land on a “genre page”.

  • There you’ll make a more specific selection to narrow your search to your most relevant choices.

  • When you click a “genre”, you’ll be connected to our Source Audio Site with numerous relevant music choices curated by our team, ready for auditioning and immediate download.


To make the best use of the ASAP MATRIX we suggest keeping two tabs open:


Pacifica analyzed years of search engine data, combined with our clients’ input to fast-track searching. The resulting ASAP MATRIX will instantly deliver you the most relevant music for the most popular needs.


Pacifica’s unique ASAP MATRIX links to the Source Audio Search engine, adding significant optimization to your music requests.

For experienced Source Audio users: If you’re already intimate with the Source Audio search engine, you can find all of the ASAP MATRIX “curated genre links” via the Playlist tab on the menu bar on the Pacifica Source Audio site.

STEMS and Melody Minus Mixes: Many tracks have multiple mixes to best fit your productions:

  • From a playlist, click on the title of the track that takes you to the “details” page where you’ll find the alternative mixes/stems.

  • If you are on a Source page that is not generated from a playlist, you’ll find a number to the right of the title that tells how many stems exist for the track. Click the number and the alternative mixes will appear nested directly below the full track.

 Fully Insured* -

We’ve got your back!

Pacifica carries $2,000,000 of Errors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance. Unlike many libraries that only cover for the cost of the license you make with them, you and/or your client are protected when using Pacifica’s music. Feel free to inquire for further details.


 yep, we’ve got em…

We’ve designed the Pacifica site to be as user-friendly as possible! However, we have real humanoids here who really know their stuff, and are more than happy to help you find the perfect track when you’re under the gun, or to answer any questions.

Hit us up at:
(310) 437-4380
Or chat with us from the Pacifica Source site

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