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crown city rockers

If you think you’ve never heard the Crown City Rockers before you’re probably incorrect. The Oakland based 5-piece hip-hop group has been a force to reckon with for nearly two decades, having their music placed in a slew of television and film productions. The music of Basement Records’ Crown City Rockers provides the perfect backdrop for countless cinematic moments having been featured in Breaking Bad, Shameless and Broad City to name a few. Their sound offers a fresh and well-rounded take on the glory days of live hip-hop performance when rap had the energy and enthusiasm to get excited about. The fun and upbeat nature of the Crown City Rockers is hard to come across in today’s fast changing hip-hop environment. Don’t expect their music to fall out of demand anytime soon.


“Oakland’s Crown City Rockers bring a surprisingly fresh, well-rounded sound that reiterates just how good live hip-hop can be when done right.” –Pitchfork

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