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danny padilla

Born and raised in the suburbs of Los Angeles, Danny Padilla is a big-hearted teddy bear of a human who doubles as a musician and YouTube personality. Stemming from the world of covers, one of his greatest successes came when he and a friend decided to cover popular songs live whilst performing impersonations on the spot that the other was feeding them. This concept, which combined comedy and musical talent, gained tons of notoriety on sites like Reddit, Buzzfeed, and Facebook. Danny has since expanded into original music (which is where his main passion lies) and original vlog (video blog) content. Though relatively new to songwriting, Danny wrote and co-produced three singles in 2016, all of which garnered recognition and praise from fans as well as industry professionals. His love for people and desire to make a difference in anyone's life who's willing to listen to him and his music is what keeps him (and will continue to keep him) going every single day. With an endless future ahead, he looks to change as many lives as possible in the best way possible.

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