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Final State is a pop/rock group from Quebec City that is made up of four passionate musicians. They met each other in high school and since then, they have developed a chemistry that has allowed them to progress rapidly in the music scene.

With their single “Make Up Your Mind”, the group has positioned itself in the forefront and reached number one on Quebec’s Top 25 Pop/Rock charts, as well as number 26 on Canada’s Hott AC charts. They were named “Bell Emerging Artist” in Canada, and the video for their single quickly reached number one on the MusiquePlus charts. The success of this first single allowed them to travel to Kenya in Africa to film the video for “Dreaming Out Loud”, the second single from their five-song EP entitled Still I Believe It’s True, which was released in June 2013.

Final State have opened for many well-known groups such as Owl City, Simple Plan, Marianas Trench, and Down with Webster. Final State will pull you in with their catchy pop/rock melodies and memorable concerts. The group is in great shape and ready to give audiences the time of their lives!

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