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Food Court

"With Food Court’s long-awaited debut long-player this band of brothers reverted to the way things used to be done; laying down 11 killer cuts in less than a week – all recorded live and under the masterful ear of producer John Castle. It seemed fitting that Good Luck would be the final album ever recorded in the legendary Shed Studios – where Castle worked his magic on records from the likes of You Am I, Vance Joy, The Bamboos and more recently Jack River. Glorious 2 and a half minute slices of rock and roll such as “Not My Way” and “Slightest Brightest” sit comfortably amongst some of Castle’s best work – all inner-city attitude and sharp guitars.

While the album was recorded in a week, Food Court worked on the songs over the past year and the result is a classic debut – a scrapbook of stories of lost loves, lost sleep, mistakes, anxious minds and a light drizzling of optimism on top. The album is powered through melody-driven garage punk and performance chops which were finely tuned on their inaugural SXSW appearance and touring through the US and Canada." - Dine Alone Records

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