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honey claws

It’s a new century and the old moves just don’t add up to dancing anymore. As the greybeards and faux-hippies fade off into irrelevancy, a Texan duo called Honey Claws has come into the fiesta and they’re bringin’ the future with them. A mostly electronic, mostly funky, 10-piece hip-hop epic, Honey Claws’ sophomore album, Money Jaws, is a pulsing, cursing, spitting, raving, fun-loving, literate, club-killing masterpiece.

After selling a modest 25,000 units on their first album, there existed a solid underground following for Honey Claws. Add to that a few placements on TV shows such as Breaking Bad, The Kardashians, Friday Night Lights, G’s to Gents and RJ Berger as well as radio support from stations such as Kiss Fm and Tripple J in Australia, the band had no choice but to put together an album just as exciting as the first.


Multi-instrumentalists Jon Von Letscher and Thomas Sahs went down in the lab with a pen and a pad and came out 30 days later with a new take on American music. Absent in their sophomore effort is any sense of confirmed or confined genre, but at the same time it’s a fully realized sound, part mad scientist hip-hop experiment, part soulful psychedelic wall of sound.

The sound is sexy, ambitious, fresh and above all it is a sound all their own. Together the ten tracks of Money Jaws make up 35 minutes of gorgeous, innovative newness. Meet Honey Claws. Like all animals, you have claws too. Use them.

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