janine kerr //

creative director

Janine Kerr was born in Australia and has managed bands, started Beat Magazine (Australia) and was an assistant at JWT Melbourne. She started Mushroom Group’s Licensing Department back in the day and moved to LA bringing the Mushroom catalog with her. She worked for Australia’s national treasure Tina Arena and pitched Australian music to Baywatch. After winning her Green Card in the Green Card lottery she worked for Sony/ATV Music Publishing. Next Music Supervision came calling and she went to NBC Promos… 7.5 years later, she headed over to Music Supervise and run Fox Sports Music. 4 years later she packed up her stuff and moved back to Australia. She opened Jingle Punks Music down there doing Biz Dev. After a few months, she realized she’s more American than Australian and called the shipping company and asked, so how much to bring the stuff back to LA. Ooops. Back in LA loving life and very happy working at Riptide! Janine is the Creative Director, responsible for Film, TV and Promos as well as overseeing the Licensing Department. She’s back to her indie roots and loving it. She can’t play an instrument, write or sing, but she will tell you if it sucks or not.