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the 2 bears

The 2 Bears (Southern Fried Records) are a London-based electronic duo composed of Joe Goddard (of Hot Chip) and Raf Rundell. The group produces original material amalgamating various styles including 2-step, house, hip-hop and soul. They have received UK national radio support and produced remixes for several established artists including Santigold, Metronomy, and Death Cab For Cutie.

The 2 Bears‘ new album The Night Is Young takes on a global vision. With a love for their home city of London still at its heart, the album pulls influences and experiences from across the world of dance music, drawing deeply from the duo’s trip to Africa last summer. Speeding through multiple genres, often condensed into single tracks, The Night Is Young lifts The 2 Bears’ famed, eclectic DJ sets to higher realms, shifting the imperative to lose both body and mind distinctly up a gear. It’s a stark contrast and one that cleverly moves the full-on party hedonism of their debut album forward, without sacrificing any of its unadulterated disco charm. The record undulates between hard house, soft reggae, punchy ragga, piano tear-jerkers, funk, and soul, all made crystalline with the typically high level of production and passion.

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