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the limousines

“The Limousines started nearly 7 years ago. We’ve gone from being a Myspace band to touring the world…Our relationship is deep and it has matured. It’s a solid thing that isn’t going away,” said Eric Victorino about his Bay Area musical project with partner Giovanni Giusti. The two come from very different musical backgrounds, leaving behind a post-rock band and hip-hop production respectively to pursue the chilled out indietronica pop songs of The Limousines. On top of leaving their respective projects the two had to place trust in each other having not even yet met in person.

The two completed two songs before meeting, thus proving how special they believed their music could be. Their intuition was not wrong as the dream-pop duo went on to find major success, opening for Duran Duran, touring in support of Neon Trees & The Sounds, inking a deal with Dangerbird Records, playing a number of festivals and seeing their music placed in different TV shows.

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