Zach Sorgen is one of the busiest musicians in LA. A quick glance at a list of the projects and achievements he has been part of over the years will make you wonder how he has any time for himself. His band since high school, Thirstbusters, saw success in numerous ways such as seeing their music placed in popular TV shows like CW’s 90210. His new electronic-pop project, Wake The Wild, is garnering major buzz as they are gearing up to take Los Angeles by storm with their debut EP. But between all his projects Sorgen has never stopped making music. Zach’s solo work spotlights his spectrum of talent as a producer and prolific songwriter, touching on a range of genres. Trained in classical and jazz piano as well as rhythm guitar, trumpet, and voice, Zach always keeps things exciting and fresh with each new release. He has also written songs for Anjali World, Nick Cannon and Sick Individuals among others.

zach sorgen

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